Technical Forum Web Design, Development and Analysis

Technical Forum Web Design, Development and Analysis

Customer Introduction:
Our client is a leading global semiconductor company that specializes in the design, manufacturing, and sales of a wide range of semiconductor solutions. Their products find extensive applications in industries such as automotive, consumer electronics, industrial automation, telecommunications, computers, and the internet.

Solution: UX/UI Design, Discuz Forum, Adobe Analytics

Web UX/UI Design

Discuz Forum Case 1
We revamped the old technical forum website and made a new UI/UX design. Combining the theme color of the client company – blue, it brings out a strong brand logo that echoes the client company’s official website. The revamp of the forum website enhanced both visual effects and user experience, and the new forum has gained recognition from many users.

To cater the multiple levels and pages of this website we worked closely with our client, to optimize the look and feel, and at the same time CMS-friendly in the long run. Their content management system (CMS) was tailor-made. Customers can easily publish news updates and industry inquiries, creating them at once and covering multiple terminals.

Discuz Solution
Discuz Forum Case 2
Leadstec conducted in-depth research with the customer and identified the challenge of swiftly building a powerful and stable community forum. Taking into account the customer’s requirements, we eventually selected Discuz as the online community software and customized it to develop personalized functionality modules.

Discuz! is a widely acclaimed community software that offers a rich set of features and robust performance, making it suitable for diverse online community setups. However, we recognized that using the standard Discuz! might not fully meet the unique needs of the customer. To ensure the community forum aligned with the customer’s specific requirements, we took the following measures:

  1. Thorough Needs Analysis: Through extensive communication with the customer, we gained a comprehensive understanding of their business needs, user base, and expected features. A deep needs analysis allowed us to comprehend the customer’s primary objectives, providing valuable guidance for the customized development process.
  2. Custom Development on Discuz!: Considering the customer’s specific functional requirements, we conducted personalized custom development on top of the Discuz! platform. This allowed us to add new functionality modules, extend existing features, or tailor the user interface, ensuring the community forum met the customer’s expectations.
  3. Performance and Stability Optimization: Emphasizing the forum’s performance and stability, we ensured it could handle substantial user traffic and data interactions. By optimizing the code and database design, we enhanced the forum’s responsiveness and stability, thereby ensuring a seamless user experience.
  4. Security Measures: Throughout the custom development process, we placed special emphasis on the forum’s security. Implementing multi-layered security measures, we safeguarded the platform against common cyber threats and malicious activities, protecting user data and ensuring community safety.
  5. Mobile Adaptation: Recognizing the prevalence of mobile devices, we ensured the forum provided an exceptional user experience on smartphones and tablets. Employing responsive design and mobile optimization, we ensured the forum functioned smoothly across different devices.

In the end, through close collaboration with the customer and custom development built on the foundation of Discuz!, we successfully created a powerful and stable community forum that met the customer’s expectations. The forum received a warm reception and high praise from users, becoming an influential platform for the customer in their domain, fostering increased user engagement.

Adobe Analytics(AA) Solution
Discuz Forum Case 3
In order to have a deeper understanding of the preferences of the target audience and establish a positive interactive relationship with the target audience, we have implemented Adobe Analytics on the website to enable customers to Data like traffic, page views, and bounce rates are available to uncover insights that really drive engagement rates.

Client will export data analysis reports on a regular basis (such as monthly and quarterly), and the data model can be customized according to their actual analysis needs. The predictive capabilities of Adobe Analytics draw on machine learning and advanced statistical models to dig automatically through enormous amounts of data, searching for those patterns that most analysts simply don’t have time to look for.

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