Revolutionizing our customer experience with AEM Assets, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign

Revolutionizing our customer experience with AEM Assets, Adobe Target and Adobe Campaign

Customer Introduction: An iconic American department store known for its fashion brands and annual Thanksgiving Day parade. It has participated in the Chinese market in various ways. It invested in Tmall Global, an online marketplace operated by Alibaba Group, to sell to consumers in China.

Solution: AEM Assets, Adobe Target, Adobe Campaign, WeChat Connector

Customer Challenge
Our client, a major player in the world of department stores, was grappling with a massive volume of product content that needed to be synchronized, migrated, and managed between their American website and TMALL platform. The goal was to ensure security, efficiency, and stability while minimizing manual operations. Additionally, our client aimed to improve customer experience through personalized content and communications via their website and WeChat Official Account.

Macy's China Case 1

Our Solution
Our solution encompassed a holistic approach involving the implementation of AEM Assets, integration with ERP-AX7, and the development of an AEM workflow module. AEM Assets helped manage a large number of assets efficiently, while the ERP-AX7 integration allowed for an automated product import into TMALL. The workflow module facilitated intelligent image conversion and generation. Furthermore, we integrated Lexy’s translation service for automatic text content translation. Alongside this, we enabled Adobe Target for creating personalized content and developed a custom Adobe Campaign’s WeChat Connector for sending personalized messages on WeChat.

Macy's T-Mall

Our comprehensive solution dramatically streamlined our client’s asset management and enhanced the efficiency of product import into TMALL. The automatic translation and conversion functionalities saved time and resources. Personalization strategies through Adobe Target and WeChat Connector fostered better customer engagement and communication.