Booking system - A Success Story in the Fitness Center

Booking system - A Success Story in the Fitness Center

Customer Introduction: The company is a fitness center that offers a new fitness experience, they are the first fitness center with a home industrial style. It creates a sense of home without losing style. Provide members with a cordial and comfortable sports environment and diversified one-stop health services.

Solution: Booking System, Technology Voucher Program (TVP)

Business Challenge
They are a fitness center that caters to the individual needs of each customer by providing personalized fitness programs. Their challenge is the increasing number of members and the accumulation of a large amount of customer data, making it difficult to manage the data manually. They need a technological solution to help them manage the large volume of customer data and documents more efficiently, and to reduce the reliance on manual processing of large amounts of information.

Our Solution: Introduce a Booking System

We first understand the needs of our clients and develop a suitable plan. We design the system’s structure, functionality, and user interfaces, and determine the technical requirements of the system. We then develop the system according to the client’s needs, and conduct tests after the completion of the system development to verify the system’s functionality and promptly resolve any issues.

Key Achievements
1. Member Information Management and Account Creation/Editing
In the process of creating and editing accounts within the system, all member information can be managed, such as the courses purchased by customers, expiration dates, which instructors are teaching, and purchase records. When searching for members, their name or number can be entered into the system to locate their class type, teacher, and booking status (registered or waitlisted), eliminating the need for manual searches. This significantly increases efficiency for frontline employees.

2. Sales Management
The new system can manage all order information, generate new orders, and allow administrators to modify order data. It can also produce invoices and receipts for customers within the system. Once payment is complete, the system will record the member’s purchase date, renewal date, and expiration date. Administrators can access order data at any time within the system.

3. Report
The system can export reports including account balances, course cancellations, customer membership statuses, package expirations, customer purchase records (including purchased package plans), and teacher class records, facilitating administrators to track and manage accounts, significantly saving their management time.

Booking system - A Success Story in the Fitness Center
Booking system - A Success Story in the Fitness Center